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InspiraFarms team

Who we are

InspiraFarms was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing small and growing agribusiness in the developing world with the tools, technology and expertise to significantly reduce food losses and energy costs, and access higher-value markets.

We’ve helped numerous clients overcome the challenges of unreliable electricity supply, dependence on diesel generators and financial barriers to achieve sustainable growth.

As a ‘Best-for-the-World’ founding B-Corporation rated in the top 10% of our industry, we offer our clients unparalleled service and technical support, while providing a clear understanding of their return on investment.

With the support of InspiraFarms and its partners, our clients have improved the livelihoods of over 5,000 rural community members across the developing world, including new jobs filled by women in underserved communities.

Meet our co-founders and Board members

Dr. Michele Bruni
Dr. Michele BruniCo-founder and Technical Director
Tim Chambers
Tim Chambers Co-founder and Managing Director
Caroline Bressan
Caroline Bressan Board Chairman
Seth Silverman
Seth SilvermanFactor(e) Ventures
Emmanuel Beau
Emmanuel BeauEnergy Access Ventures
Rogier Pieterse
Rogier Pieterse Pymwymic
Jordan Broadbent
Jordan BroadbentShell Foundation (Board Observer)

Meet our adviser team

Ben Gomes-Casseres
Ben Gomes-Casseres Strategy, Senior Advisor
Trista Vincent
Trista Vincent Marketing & Communications, Special Advisor
Brenton Nestler
Brenton NestlerSales, Special Advisor
Sean McCaffery
Sean McCafferyOperations, Special Advisor
Mengnan (Cliff) Zhu
Mengnan (Cliff) ZhuFinance Risk, Special Advisor

Meet our global team of experts

Mina Stiernblad
Mina StiernbladInternational Business Manager
Mina holds a MSc in Corporate Finance and Financial Management from Lund University, School of Economics and Management in Sweden. During the last four years she has worked in East Africa focusing on innovative start-ups in the agricultural sector. Mina draws inspiration from her farm upbringing which has greatly shaped her contribution to the agriculture industry. She has a strong experience in financial strategy, investment and financial management. Mina enjoys building structure, high-performing teams and problem-solving in emerging markets. Mina leads InspiraFarm’s finance and administration team, with a special focus on business growth and expanding the asset finance facility for our customers.
Paula Rodriguez
Paula RodriguezCommunity & Customer Relations Manager
Jack Luft
Jack LuftHead of Corporate Partnerships
Luke Davey
Luke DaveyEast Africa Operations Manager
Fernando Cojulun
Fernando Cojulun Head of Technical Services
Alessandra Quartesan
Alessandra QuartesanProduction Operations Manager
Giovanni Gallina
Giovanni Gallina Senior Engineer
Federico Boni
Federico BoniDesign & Product QA Officer
Gabriele Gubiotti
Gabriele GubiottiBIM specialist
Rodney Muriuki
Rodney Muriuki Regional Engineer - East Africa
Monicah Muriithi
Monicah MuriithiBusiness Developer - East Africa
Felix Odingo
Felix OdingoSenior Business Developer - East Africa
Erendira Lara
Erendira LaraMexico Commercial Operations Manager
AJ Munian
AJ MunianManaging Director of Smart-Agri Solutions, South Africa
Matteo Tardioli
Matteo Tardioli Accounting Officer
Elisabetta Stufera
Elisabetta Stufera Finance & Administration Officer
Elisabetta holds a BA in Communications and a passion for travel. With experience in the tourism and transport industry, she’s worked in Italy and abroad. Elisabetta joined Enterprise Projects Ventures in 2016, offering administrative and logistical support. She currently resides in Italy with her husband and two children


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