Machinery and Equipment

!nspiraFarms™ can source and install for its clients the machinery and equipment needed for the post-harvest value addition processes. Machines and equipment can range from chippers to automatic washers; from basins to tables.
The main advantage of sourcing machines and equipment with the platforms is the potential of combining modularity, energy, and data solutions with the machines our clients need for their value addition.

Processing Platform Water Management Solutions

!nspiraFarms™ can offer specific water management solutions to its customers. Solutions Range:

  • Water harvesting and filtering
  • Waste water bio-digestors and drainage fields installation
  • Water purification systems installation

Security Package

To respond to the increased insecurity perceived in many rural areas, !nspiraFarms™ offers an additional security package that comprises:

  • Closed circuit security cameras and recorder
  • Steel windows bars
  • Additional loading deck security

Mozzarella Maker

How does it work?
  1. The curd is poured into the mixing tank.
  2. The curd is mixed with the kneading water
  3. Two twin mixing arms blend the curd with the hot water
  4. Once the mix is ready the front compartment opens and the “pasta” flows into the forming section
  5. Two screw conveyors push the “pasta” into the molds
  • The Maker allows kneading, and automatic forming of mozzarella and other “pasta filata” cheese.
  • The machine processes batches of 3 kg curd per cycle, hundreds of mozzarellas per day!!!
  • Jacketed to allow water heating
  • In AISI 304
  • Processing surfaces coated with Teflon
  • Electric switchboard controls the process
  • Rolling Mold in picture is forming 100gr mozzarellas

The ‘Multi’ range allows heating, pasteurizing, cooling, milk coagulation, cheese & yoghurt making in 60-500L/cycle.
It comprises
Electric heaters (2 x 3kW) – adapted to the grid’s max loads.
Water cooling – circulating in the jacket to cool processed product
PLC – managing variable speed agitator and curd cutter. The Molding Table allows forming curd into food-grade plastic molds and draining whey for further processing or disposal.