Off-grid Dairy Chilling Machines

!nspiraFarms™ presents off-grid solar powered instant chilling machines (DC Range), allowing between 500L and 5,000L of milk chilling per day. The machines can operate for up to 4 days without any electricity, and can be combines with a Food Processing Facility (FP Range) for dairy processing activities.
  • CE Certified and HACCP food safety certification ready
  • Instant chilling of up to 5,000L per day
  • Off grid capable
  • 6 month warrantee
  • Modular, can be expanded over time
  • Can be delivered and installed in as little as 3 months
  • Prices from as low as 20,000 Euro
  • Financing available (subject to credit assessment)

Dairy Structure (DS) range

As any InspiraFarmsTM products, the Dairy Structure range can be expanded overtime both spatially and functionally into any of the Dairy Plants. They can also be attached to areas with different functionality, such as retail or fruit processing.

The roofing can host Solar12 and Solar24 options for energy generation and the structure allows for additional external shading and rain cover.

Model DS30 and DS45 are recommended for the 2,000 and 5,000 liters units, or to add processing to the 500 liters chilling operation. They are supplied with one small bathroom for workers and one hand-washing station.

All the units have good thermal insulation, floor drainage and the interiors are fully washable to maintain highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

Solar Powered Off-Grid Dairy Chilling Machines (DC Range)