Cold Storage

InspiraFarms™ Cold Storage Range (CS) offers you both a low cost option as well as full certification-ready Cold Storage installations from 15m2 all the way up to 120m2.
Capable of cooling and storing anywhere from 3,000kg up to 100,000kg per cycle, can run on renewable energy and can be installed anywhere you require you cold chain. Pre-cooling machines and on-farm low-cost solar cold storage options are also available.
Main features:
  • CE Certified and HACCP food safety certification ready
  • Sizes range from 15m2 up to 120m2 depending on your need
  • Off grid capable and can be fully solar powered
  • 6 month warrantee
  • Modular, can be expanded over time
  • Can be delivered and installed in as little as 3 months
  • Prices from as low as 3,000 Euro for the low-cost version
  • Financing available (subject to credit assessment)

Cold Storage (CS) range

All InspiraFarms ColdStorages are based on a proprietary wet cooling machine that:

  • Constant output temperature
  • Constant humidity output
  • No evaporator freezing
  • Maximizes low tariff energy
  • Maximizes renewable use
  • Reduces ethylene
  • Reduces airborne fungi & micoflora

Our solutions are the perfect fit for both minimizing losses and providing extended shelf-life to your products while minimizing transportation costs, waiting for off- peak season sale or avoiding spoilage and losses.

Capable of handling from 3,000kg per cycle right up to 100,000kg per cycle. Minimal preparation, installation time or disruption to your operations during installation.

Off-grid – available for the whole product range.

Energy efficient – our technology allows to build on unreliable grids or minimum daily tariff and accumulate the thermal energy needed for cooling your product while minimizing your energy bill.

Solar Powered Off-Grid Cold Storage Units