GAP Certified Module

The need for improved traceability and food safety for our food produce requires large and small farming operation to increasingly abide to international standards on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). The access to facilities allowing good auditing results is an increasing need for the industry at all latitudes, to avoid further exclusion of nono-compliant operations from the market, vis-a-vis the implementation of more stringent national and international regulations. For this purpose, !nspiraFarms™ also offers an independent GAP module, of 40m2 built to fulfill the certification requirements:
The small facility, can be installed in less than a day and it comprises:
  • Protected fertilizer storage
  • Washing area for materials and equipment used in the field (triple wash station)
  • Locked equipment storage,
  • Anti-leakage agrochemical storage (accessible only from the equipment storage)
  • Workers’ area, equipped with toilet and shower
  • Small independent energy system to power shower and lights
  • Small water harvesting and treatment for washing and showering (this can be refilled with other water sources)



Steel Box (SB3/SB5)

SB3 – 3m(l) x 2.2m(w) x 2.2m(h) (suited for Instant500)
SB5 – 5m(l) x 2.2m(w) x 2.2m(h) (suited for Instant2000)
Max load: 500 kg/m2 – Max roof: 100 kg/m2

NOT thermally insulated. Requires shading & rain cover (see Tunnels)
This product can be self-installed. It is supplied with instructions
This product is not manufactured by !nspiraFarms, but selected and traded
for complementing product range.


Tunnels (TN100)

Measure: 9 x 12 x 4.5m (108m2)
PVC: 720g/m2
Structure: Heavy duty (15/10) Hot-dip galvanized steel


Rain Cover (RN30)

12 years guaranteed rain protection
Measure: 5 x 6 (30m2)
PVC: 570g/m2
Structure: Heavy duty (15/10) Hot-dip galvanized steel + Steel ropes and poles.


Shade (SH30)

80% shading
Measure: 5 x 6 (30m2)
PE net: 570g/m2
Structure: Heavy duty (15/10) Hot-dip galvanized steel + Steel ropes and poles.