!nspiraFarms™ addresses key competitiveness challenges related to small-scale crop cost structure, volumes and quality, recognizing the multi-dimensional nature of poverty and sustainability where technology is only one of the factors contributing to livelihood improvement

  • Reduces significantly waste in dairy and horticultural processing
  • Enables more than 20% value added above raw product price
  • Increase the availability and accessibility of safe food for domestic and international consumers
  • Has a lower cost (30-50%) than traditional brick-and-mortar alternative
  • Saves 7+ months of time-to-market for smallholder farmers
  • Is an asset that farmers can use as a future collateral
  • Uses cutting-edge renewable energy solutions
  • Provides an opportunity for increasing farmers’ incomes and generating employment



!nspiraFarms™ is a Certified B Company

!nspiraFarms™, as brand technology of Enterprise Projects Ventures, is proud member of B Corp Community. B Corps are companies seeking to change the role of business in society and to make positive contribution to people and the planet through sustainable business.


Our Impact in the Field

Patzun (Chimaltenango) Guatemala – In November 2014 the first !nspiraFarms™ Vegetables Processing Platform was delivered. Our customers are two groups of smallholders with 30Ha of Brassicas and two rain-fed harvests, leaded by Edgar Cancax, local farmer who is responsible of managing the platform. !nspiraFarms™ is allowing farmers to deliver selected and cut brassicas, and as well cooling the production before delivery, for some local and international agro-exporters.

Some of the benefits perceived so far:

  • Are reducing a 30% of post-harvest losses thanks to cold storage and processing lines
  • Compiling to GAP and HACCP certifications, allowing farmers to sell higher-value outputs
  • Expected an annual income increase of 40% for farmers while repaying the initial setup costs
  • Increase the quantity of organic matter left in the production area (by cutting and grading)
  • Generating agronomical data useful for crop planning
  • Generate additional jobs in value addition and facility management




Gil Gil, Kenya – In October 2015 will be the first !nspiraFarms™ off-grid Dairy collection and Chilling Platform. Our costumers are a group of 50 producers and 190 cows (at 10-15 liters/day) based in Nyamarura village, near the province of Gil-Gil in Kenya. The Nyamarura farmers have constituted themselves as a cooperative, and soon will start delivering quality-chilled milk to Eldoville Dairies.

Some of the benefits perceived so far:

  • Allow off-grid chilling operations
  • Save farmers 3.5 hours a day (time currently dedicated to milk delivery)
  • Support productivity increase by 40% by the end of year one
  • Generate a net increase of revenues for farmers of over 15,000 USD during repayment period
  • Represent (cost over 5y investment) less than 5% total revenues
  • Generate two FTEs for young people to manage the facility (collection and QA)