Our Investors

!nspiraFarms™ is supported by a network of like-minded groups and investors, who share our vision to transform the global food industry by focusing on the underserved rural populations of the developing world.


Factor(e) is a venture impact development firm investing in and partnering with high impact technology ventures, energy access, agriculture, waste and resource management, and sustainable mobility.

“Factor[e] Ventures is thrilled to partner with InspiraFarms to connect producers and high-value markets. InspiraFarms offers a fully integrated and financeable platform for small-scale farmers that dramatically reduce post-harvest loss. Their technological innovation and deep understanding of their customers has inspired the development of modular, robust facilities designed to operate in off-grid contexts. These facilities serve as the linchpin for supporting small-scale producers up-and- down the value chain.” – Seth Silverman, Director of Africa Operations at Factor[e] Ventures


EAV, in partnership with Schneider Electric and others, invests in SMEs active in off-grid, renewable and hybrid electricity generation, distribution and related services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the investment of Energy Access Ventures in InspiraFarms, which provides reliable and innovative energy solutions to agribusinesses in off-grid and unreliable grid areas. 
We believe this investment will strongly contribute to foster productivity gains in agriculture value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa and also deliver economic and social benefits, namely for low-income women.
Schneider Electric looks forward working with InspiraFarms in our Access to Energy Program to boost the go-to- market strategy of the Company and the impact of its outreach.”
 – Gilles Vermot Desroches, Sustainability Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric


Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community is an active investors’ community of families, individuals and foundations that support for-profit companies creating global impact.

“The reason we decided to invest in InspiraFarms is mainly due to the they empower smallholder farmers in the long run by giving them the tools to access high-value markets. This economic empowerment has the potential to improve the quality of life of thousands of people across the world.” – PYMWYMIC investor spokesman.


The Doen Foundation offers subsidies, equity investments and loans for green activities, socially inclusive projects and creative initiatives.


The Montpellier Foundation empowers disadvantaged people around the world through investments and grant programs with a focus on education, agriculture and energy.

For information about how your organisation can invest in the future of agribusiness in the developing world, please contact Paula Rodriguez.