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Project Description

CS30: Support for a networked supply chain

Twiga Foods is a Kenyan B2B offering small grocery retailers an innovative cashless mobile ordering solution. Fruit and veg vendors are able to avail of Twiga’s next day delivery of high-quality locally grown and fully traceable stock.

The client challenge

Demand for high quality produce and added convenience has seen Twiga’s popularity grow amongst Kenya’s grocery retailers. The Company’s growth necessitated an expansion plan including larger cold storage facilities with climate control capabilities.

The InspiraFarms solution

With a regional office in Nairobi InspiraFarms brought an inside understanding of the regional supply chain and unique challenges of the area’s produce vendors. After analysis of volume turnover and growth capacity, InspiraFarms provided a plan to replace Twiga’s current reefers with energy efficient CS30 units with remote monitoring capabilities.

The success story

Twiga’s increased storage capacity has helped the Company diversify its business and source produce from more small holders further afield, making next-day delivery on high-quality fully traceable stock available to a growing number of independent vendors.

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