About CS30

Meet our fully automated, HACCP-ready for anything anywhere, 16-pallet capacity powerhouse.

The CS30 is a highly adaptable, solar compatible, 30m2 refrigerated storage solution for agribusinesses seeking to reduce losses, overcome unreliable energy supply and improve access to high-value markets. It offers automated, remote monitoring and control with a refrigeration range of 2-14ºC.

Main features:

  • CE Certified and HACCP food safety certification ready
  • Sizes range from 15m2 up to 120m2 depending on your need
  • Off-grid capable and can be fully solar powered
  • 12 month warranty
  • Modular, can be expanded over time
  • Can be delivered and installed in as little as 3 months
  • Financing available (subject to credit assessment)

Cold Storage (CS) range

All InspiraFarms Cold Storage are based on a proprietary wet-cooling machine that:

  • Constant output temperature
  • Constant humidity output
  • No evaporator freezing
  • Maximizes low-tariff energy
  • Maximizes renewable use
  • Reduces ethylene
  • Reduces airborne fungi & microflora

Fully modular, the 16-pallet capacity facility can be adapted in size and layout to suit your specific needs. The CS30 comes ready to meet HACCP standards and is suitable for both tropical and temperate climate produce.

• HACCP food-safe certified • Modular (up-size) • Thermal storage and electrical backup • Automated and Remotely Monitored Temperature Control • Positive Temperature Range of 2-14ºC

Product Brochure

If you want to know more about our Cold Storage product range download our product brochure 2018.