Renewable Energy and Data Monitoring

!nspiraFarms™ technology is designed to give independence from unreliable and costly electricity grids. Using solar energy and thermal battery, the !nspiraFarms™ range of technology reduces operating costs and increases reliability of cold chain and processing capability.

Renewable Energy

Full off-grid facilities by using renewable energy solutions for our platforms and bolt-ons, applying principally photovoltaic-based systems. Our energy solutions can bring full autonomy in energy supply for rural-based activities such as cold storage, milk chilling solutions, and regular electrical and lighting usages. By request we can supply independent (island) energy solutions as well. All our energy solutions are provided with after-installation assistance through local service providers and assuring reliability of the systems. The technology offered by !nspiraFarms™ is developed through a partnership with the Italian company eGenera, that supports our research & development of small scale renewable systems energy systems. eGenera as well provides proprietary technology for the analysis and installation of high efficiency and off-grid renewable systems for small, medium and large companies, and well the certification of energy efficiency.

Remote Information system

The rising weather uncertainty and long distance between buyers and producers are some of the main factors that increase costs and risks of agricultural production.

!nspiraFarms™ provides a Remote Information System that allows capturing accurate real-time data for different purposes, such as crops’ cycle planning and post-harvest management.

!nspiraFarms™ deploys a tailored version of eRAISE remote sensing, originally developed by eGenera for real-time analysis of energy production and consumption and automation in large-scale industries. Now is adapted for small-scale usage, with the possibility of capturing real-time agro-bio-climatic data, volumes and quality of products and as well facilities’ functionality and performance.

Renewable Energy

InspiraFarms™ has developed its own systems for integrating photovoltaic energy production with the standard loads of our plants.
The PV system offered by InspiraFarmsTM start from a 4KWp and have different configuration based on the facility and other needs of the customer.

InspiraFarmsTM supplies and installs both off-grid and grid connected systems, depending onthe need of the customers, local regulations, and location.

InspiraFarmsTM uses microcrystalline 250W panels with galvanized steel roof mounting structure, ABB sinusoidal inverters, ABB PLC digital system control, and electronic eRAISE integrated switchboard.

The Solar12 and Solar24 represent the two off-gird systems with sealed gel battery back-up systems and range from 4 to 8kWp.