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Ben Gomes-Casseres

Strategy, Senior Advisor

Ben Gomes-Casseres is a professor at Brandeis University International Business School and was previously a professor at Harvard Business School. An expert on partnership strategy and management, Ben has studied, taught and consulted on these topics for 30 years. Prior to teaching Ben was an economist with the World Bank. His newest book is Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations, is published by Harvard Business Review Press. He is also the author of The Alliance Revolution and Mastering Alliance Strategy. Ben’s research appears in numerous books, articles, blogs and videos and his work is frequently cited in the business press. He consults widely with companies seeking to create value from external resources and to improve the way they manage business partnerships. Ben holds a DBA in international business from Harvard, an MPA in economic development from Princeton and a BA in history and in economics from Brandeis. A native of Curaçao, he speaks four languages. For more information about Ben’s work see