IoT & Remote Sensing

The InspiraFarms IoT and Remote Sensing system enable remote monitoring and analytics of fruit and vegetable cooling and storage conditions, energy data and machinery performance.

It is designed to simplify the supervision of quality compliance protocols, cooling performance through temperature and humidity levels and cold room conditions such as energy consumption, CO2 levels and security cameras that facilitate employees and facility’s safety control.

Optimal remote monitoring assures an efficient control on your quality, cold chain management and OPEX. Close monitoring plays a key role in minimizing waste of fresh produce and energy and also enables early diagnosis of issues, reducing considerably potential down-time.

Our remote monitoring system is integrated with our cloud system, which comes with a user-friendly online app that works on any mobile or desktop devices. Farmers and agribusinesses can connect additional systems such as Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) software and instantly share detailed quality reports with their buyers, potentially reducing claims and rejections.

Integrated first mile and cold room data monitoring system



  • Continuous tracking of quality indicators such as temperatures, relative humidity and energy consumption.
  • Access to historical data per cold room, badge or even a single crate of produce.
  • Remote supervision of critical machine settings.
  • Export of custom cold chain reports for buyers and options for automated reports.
  • Customisable alarms based on thresholds or machine status (SMS or email).
  • No software installation required – works on any smartphone or computer.
  • Available with all InspiraFarms facilities.

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