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Whether you’re in the initial stage of research, planning or investment of post-harvest and cold chain assets, our expert partners are ready to help you.

Their focus is on providing high quality expertise and solutions that will enhance your operational efficiency and help to deliver a return on your investment.

Requiring expert guidance on your post-harvest & cold chain management of your fruits & vegetables?


Logistics & freight of fresh produce & cold chain projects development

Heather McSorley portrait

Heather McSorley
Post-harvest Cold Chain Expert & Project Management, Zimbabwe

Expertise: Logistics, specialized in freight of perishable produce. Coordination of green-field cold chain and packhouses facilities and project development.

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Heather McSorley is InspiraFarms representive in Zimbabwe. Her expertise in logistics and freight of fresh perishables is combined with the management of green-field cold chain facilities and packhouses, with skills on export-grade handling procedures and staff training around market access protocols & and export product handling procedures.

As part of her strategic drive to continue developing her personal vocational capacity, Heather is currently enrolled with the renowned UCLA Davis Post-harvest School to study for the Produce Professional Certification.

Quality maintenance & post-harvest management

Dr. Deirdre Holcroft portrait

Dr. Deirdre Holcroft
Holcroft Postharvest Consulting, France

Expertise: Biology and technology of fruits, vegetables, fresh cut produce, with an emphasis on reducing food waste, and improving quality, shelf-life, and profitability.

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Dr.Deirdre Holcroft is a specialist in the postharvest handling of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Deirdre is from a farming background in Zimbabwe, studied horticulture in South Africa, holds a doctorate in postharvest physiology from University of California Davis.

She started Holcroft Postharvest Consulting, a global consulting business, in 2011 after 20 years’ experience in both industry (AgroFresh/Dow and Dole Fresh Vegetables) and academia (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, and Michigan State University, USA). Holcroft Postharvest Consulting offers technical and educational services in fruits, vegetables, fresh cut produce, and ornamentals. Deirdre’s expertise extends from pre-harvest through the full postharvest handling, with emphasis on reducing food waste and improving quality, shelf-life, and profitability based on cutting-edge scientific data. She is a leading expert on cold chain and ethylene management as well as in the development of new technologies for the produce industry.

Tropical fruits

Frits Popma portrait

Frits Popma
Popma Fruit Expertise, Netherlands

Expertise: Storing and ripening bananas and other tropical fruits. Technologies and software for ripening and optimal cooling and post-harvest management.

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Frits Popma is the managing director of Popma Fruit Expertise. Frits has been active in the fresh produce industry since 1973. He worked with leading companies for processing/preserving fruit and vegetables, such as Chiquita Banana Company and as inspector at the port of Antwerp, Belgium. Frits has been involved in Quality Control from 'farm to shelf' of bananas and other tropical products in Europe, Central & South America and has lead the construction of he construction of new ripening facilities in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK.

In 2001, he founded POPMA Fruit Expertise, an advising firm specialized in ripening tropical products. The services include, training ripeners and their staff, supply chain management, project management for new construction of ripening rooms and problem solving techniques, like reducing waste figures and improving sales.