Traceability & efficiency starts at the first mile

The InspiraFarms Cloud enables remote monitoring, analytics and secure storage of first-mile cold chain data. It is designed to simplify the compliance of quality indicators such as temperature, ethylene or relative humidity, and also plays a key role in minimizing waste of fresh produce and energy.

Our cloud solution comes with a user-friendly online app that works on any mobile or desktop device. Farmers and agribusinesses can connect additional systems such as Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) software and instantly share detailed quality reports with their buyers.

Modern all-in-one solution

  • Continuous tracking of quality indicators such as temperatures, relative humidity, and ethylene levels
  • Access to historical data per cold room, badge or even a single crate of produce
  • Remote supervision of critical machine settings
  • Export of custom cold chain reports for buyers
  • Options for automated reports, such as digital temperature logs
  • Customisable alarms based on thresholds or machine status (SMS or email)
  • No software installation required – works on any smartphone or computer
  • Available with all InspiraFarms facilities
  • Affordable pricing & monthly billing


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