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About our InspiraCool

InspiraFarms InspiraCool cooling machine combines the features and capabilities of pre-cooling rooms, nebulizers and humidifiers, ethylene reducers and traditional cooling machines. InspiraCool uses a wet cooling system and a forced air system that facilitates constant temperature, high relative humidity and efficient ventilation on palletized goods.

The integration of high speed forced air fans and the use of special filters allows to capture air impurities, reducing bacteria and fungi, while dramatically reducing ethylene content in the internal atmosphere.

Used in conjunction with InspiraFarms’ prefabricated and modular cold rooms and packhouses, InspiraCool offers a clean, efficient means of doubling the shelf life of produce, with low installation and maintenance costs.

Main features:

  • Automatized control with a refrigeration range of 2-14ºC
  • Energy-efficient with adjustable temperature & humidity to suit product needs
  • Ethylene and CO2 management systems and Air Treatment Units (ATU) available
  • Equipped with thermal storage backup system that provides up to 18-hours of backup power
  • Can operate on single phase or three phase grids, as well as solar for full off-grid capability
  • Integrates remote sensing system for real-time monitoring of performance, energy, and environmental data, such as temperature & relative humidity of the cold room
  • Financing available (subject to credit assessment)

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