About our remote monitoring system

Make more money from your fresh produce through data!

Achieve high-quality cooling towards the lowest shrinkage and rejections, with full transparency to maximize shelf life and post-harvest operations, through real-time data monitoring and diagnostics services of your cooling facilities, from your browser or mobile phone.

Optimal remote monitoring assures efficient control of quality, cold chain management, and OPEX by minimizing waste of fresh produce and energy, with early diagnosis of issues, reducing considerably potential downtime.

Our remote monitoring system (InspiraConnect) is integrated with our data cloud system (InspiraCoolCloud), which comes with a user-friendly online platform that works on any mobile or desktop device, allowing the instant share of detailed reports.



InspiraConnect is the hardware consisting of IoT-enabled sensors, including intelligent sensors, loggers, and electronics, that allow our operating system, InspiraOS, to generate the key data you need to optimise post-harvest and track your energy consumption.

Through InspiraOS, InspiraConnect has the capability of connecting all sensors to each other and optimising cooling performance. The system has the capacity of reporting on energy consumption, and it can be instructed to operate according to supply chain protocols and to generate alarms to take corrective action when necessary.

It is presented in two versions: Lite and Touch, each one with its own capabilities and features. The Lite version is the entry point, which includes a control unit, temperature readings for the evaporators and the cold room, a door opening sensor, and an energy sensor.

The Touch version offers additional and optional features, such as product probe and humidity control hardware for optimal humidity management and staged cooling (recipes and refined fine-tuning of the cooling process), among additional remote monitoring capabilities.


  • The system is able to interact with the produce, the cold room environment, the external environment, the cooling machinery, and the grid.
  • It can be integrated with customers’ ERP.
  • It is an integrated solution to InspiraFarms’ cold rooms and is available as a standalone solution, perfect to retrofit any existing cold room.
  • The data logging capabilities are matched with data plans to allow the customer to measure and read remotely different features.
  • All hardware is designed and manufactured according to EU regulations and certifications.


InspiraCoolCloud is a cloud-based platform, a virtual environment that serves as a data center, offering cloud services, such as users’ access to its data through the InspiraCoolCloud Data Portal.

InspiraCoolCloud Data Portal is an easy-to-use virtual entry point that allows users to access data, such as readings and reports on temperature, energy, and door openings, optional humidity data, and more. Users can visualise the main parameters of operations and use this data to take actions towards optimising OPEX performance.

InspiraCoolCloud supports cold chain operations with the capability of knowing in real-time the health of fresh produce and machines.

This solution also offers a convenient feature to track the amount of stock inside the cold room and keeps track of the key parameters for each batch processed in the cold room. Such additional visibility reduces user’s dependency on third-party reports in the event of claims.


  • Continuous tracking of diverse performance metrics and quality indicators (temp, humidity, door openings, energy etc).
  • Remote proactive check on data from an InspiraFarms engineer to check if any data/grid connection is missing.
  • Remote diagnostic/assistance from an InspiraFarms engineer to assist local teams during repairs.
  • The data is available as charts, time series, and downloads for the past 6 months.
  • There are two cloud data plans, sold in blocks of 6 months and activated on seasonal basis.

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