Dave Zoetemelk Director of Sales

Dave Zoetemelk

Director of Sales

As an educated Business Engineer at the University of Applied Sciences in Haarlem, Dave comes to InspiraFarms with 15 years’ experience in refrigeration, cooling and building projects across Africa, Europe and Asia where he has taken on various positions such as Project Manager, moving on to Sales Manager, Commercial Director and now, Director of Sales. Dave has designed units of all sizes and has been deeply involved in the engineering, delivery and sales of cooling solutions in austere environments across, Europe, Africa and Asia. Dave’s drive during his Business Development roles has been to build strong customer relationships as he designs and sells the best cooling solutions for their needs. Born and bred in Holland, Dave lost his heart to Africa where he has worked for the majority of his career in countries such as Kenya and Zambia. He is now based in Nairobi, Kenya where lives with his wife and son.