What we do

Best and most efficient on-farm and first-mile precooling and cold chain technology for fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains.

Our cold rooms and packing houses are developed from an extensive agricultural background. We engineered our products to respond to needs that we had experienced first-hand starting with tropical fruits and vegetables. Our solutions are designed by accessing first the crops’ requirements, the conditions to make them last and with the best quality outcome possible.

Our cold rooms and packing houses ensure longer shelf-life time and lower shrinkage of the produce while reducing operational costs by cutting recurring energy costs and optimizing post-harvest logistics.

On-farm pre-cooling & cold chain technology for sustainable growth





On-farm pre-cooling leads to more shelf-life, fewer claims and potentially choosing the most efficient freight option. Up to 2 USD/kg savings if you shift from air to sea.



We offer a range of easy-to-install solutions that responds to your needs and can grow with your business.



High quality panels coupled with high efficiency machines and electronics allow for up to 25% energy savings on top of line completion.


Custom-made solutions for pre-cooling & cold storage, with specific configuration on temperature, pressure, relative humidity and airflow to keep the freshness of your fruit & vegetables

Best-in-class efficient pre-cooling & cold storage, with enhanced production capacity for your fruit & vegetables, all-in-one solution in a modular packhouse design.

Key components

  • We offer indoor and outdoor solutions and can include hybrid (solar, grid, or diesel) solar options.

  • All our designs are realized with prefabricated panels insulated with injected high-density polyurethane that ensures the highest shelf life for the produce and lowest energy consumption.

  • Our modular steel structures, panels, electrics, machinery and electronics are designed and integrated by InspiraFarms, with outsourced manufacture.

  • We use components from well-known manufacturers such as Bitzer, Siemens and Danfoss to ensure reliability and serviceability of our solutions.

  • All our units include electronic IoT systems for remote monitoring and management ensuring quicker intervention times and improved throughput management.

  • We offer affordable and easy financing with asset backed financing to help our clients adjust their payment terms to their current growth rate.

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