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InspiraFarms supplies a highly adaptable energy-efficient refrigerated storage and packhouses for agribusinesses that face problems of loss reduction, energy reliability and market access.

The technology provides 30m2 – 2,000m2 of 2-14ºC , automated, controlled and remotely monitored refrigerated storage and food processing space that can be adapted in both size and specific layout to suit needs.

InspiraFarms ensures compliance with international food safety standards, making it easier for agribusinesses to leapfrog into higher value markets and value chains. It is suitable for both tropical and temperate climate produce and can be fully solar-powered.

Data services, enabled by a remote sensing device and a centralised data management system, support customers with customer-specific configuration and optimisation of their facility, enable remote supply chain data aggregation that are supplied to clients to support improved performance and undertake predictive maintenance.

InspiraFarms structures are lightweight, expandable and fast and easy to install. All of our cold storage and processing facilities are built with a laser-cut galvanized steel framework and high quality insulated panels to ensure superior durability and energy efficiency in any climatic conditions. All units are shipped as turn-key solutions, designed to be operational and food safe certification-ready immediately after installation.

All units come equipped with a thermal storage backup system to provide a buffer against unreliable electrical grids and ensure active operation during power outages. Fully charged, the system will provide up to 48-hours of backup power, providing a lifeline for those in regions susceptible to grid failure, or usually dependent on diesel generators.

Solar upgrade packages are available on all standard facilities and can provide between 3 and 12 kW of power for off-grid operations. If the solar package is not ordered initially, our plug and play system makes it easy for post-installation integration. All units are also compatible with third-party solar utilities.


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