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InspiraFarms Cooling engineers and delivers the best and most efficient precooling and cold chain technology for fresh fruit & vegetables, flowers, and animal protein supply chains in Africa and other emerging markets. 

Our solutions are developed from an extensive agricultural background and from successfully becoming leaders of on-farm and first-mile cooling, from which we expanded to different cold chain assets.

We engineered our products to maximise the returns of our customers, and the potential social and environmental impact cold chain can generate.

Our solutions are designed to ensure the best quality outcome and product life possible.


InspiraFarms Cooling ensures the best quality and product life for every fresh & perishable product

  • For fruit and vegetables, our cold rooms, pre-coolers and packing houses ensure longer shelf-life and lower shrinkage while reducing operational costs and optimizing post-harvest logistics. We offer as well long-term storage and controlled atmosphere solutions.

  • For animal proteins, such as meat and fish, our solutions can provide slaughterhouses, as well positive and negative temperature storages for different stages of the supply chain, ensuring quality, efficiency, as well as health and safety.

  • For third party logistics, we offer solutions from 300 to 7,000+ pallets to support land, air, and sea freight. From cross-docking to terminals, leveraging high efficiency buildings and cooling, both above and below zero.

  • For small operations we provide a range of easy to deploy cold rooms from 15 to 60m2 ideal for small scale agriculture and local markets.

Our Formula

InspiraFarms Customer's Value Proposition


cold rooms for fruits vegetables flowers

Cold Rooms

Pre-fabricated and modular facilities, with the best cooling features to maintain the core of perishable products at a predetermined low or medium temperature, according to their specific protocols on cold chain for the best quality possible.


Forced-air precooling inside a cold room


Forced-air solutions for optimizing cooling performance by reducing cooling times by half or more, and removing field heat faster than other conventional cooling methods.


Packhouse for processing and storage of blueberries in Zimbabwe


Pre-fabricated and modular facilities, designed and engineered tailored to the type of perishable product (fruits, vegetables, flowers), with best-in-class workflows, with the most efficient cooling and processing, for enhanced production capacity.


Potatoes storage. Dry cool storage. Stacked wooden crates with potatoes.The employee on the electric forklift carry the wooden crate with potatoes.

Long-term storage 

Pre-fabricated facilities designed and engineered for bulky crops and long-storage needs for root vegetables such as potatoes and onions, or for fruits that can be stored for many months such as apples and oranges.


Freezer storage for meat

Freezing Rooms

Modular & energy-efficient freezer for managing temperatures down to -30°C, ideal to store consumable products for long periods, designed to boost stock longevity of perishable products, preserving stock through even temperature control.


Slaughterhouse workers cutting meat in a Modular pre-fabricated slaughterhouses for processing meat and chicken


Pre-fabricated and modular facilities, designed and engineered tailored to the type of animal protein (cattle, goats and sheep, pork, poultry) and their specific protocols on cold chain for the best quality possible.


Key components

Structures & Buildings

  • Can be outdoor or indoor to better fit our customers’ needs. It only requires concrete flooring and, in most cases, a roof/shed.

  • Built using dry construction solutions, steel structures and high-quality ISOPAN high-density polyurethane sandwich panels to ensure superior durability and maximize thermal insulation.The thickness of the panels, finishings and fittings, as well as door types vary depending to temperatures and room’s function.

  • Equipped with corrugated steel roofs and gutters that allow ventilation and allow for the assembly of PV panels for solar hybrid cold rooms.

  • Available solutions in light, medium and heavy steel carpentry, from 3 to 12+ meters of height, including roofing.

  • For indoor cold rooms or under an existing shed the structures are made of panels and profiles, and they can either be self-standing or hanged, depending on the dimensions of the individual room.

  • For below zero cold rooms, specific insulation arrangements should be built in the slab to prevent major damages to the slab and overarching building and require much thicker sandwich panels than rooms at positive temperatures.

  • variety of accessories such as sliding, roll-up and hinged cold room doors, bollards and railing.

  • Doors, finishings, fittings and protections comply with BRC, ISO2200, and GLOBALG.A.P. in low, medium and high care facilities.

Cooling Technology

  • Built with the highest European and global standards, with components from well-known manufacturers with a global network of spares distributors, such as Bitzer, Siemens and Danfoss to ensure reliability and serviceability of our solutions.

  • Ranges from 8 to 500+kW of thermal power capacity. Configured and set to maximize specific perishables quality, volumes and to minimize energy bills. Available either direct expansion and chiller-based cooling technology.

  • Serves a wide range of food chains, from fresh fruit & vegetables such as blueberries, avocado and green beans, to root vegetables such as potatoes and onions, or animal protein such as poultry, meat, fish, and non-food items such as fresh flowers, ornamentals and pharmaceuticals.

  • For fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers we offer a range of pre-coolers, blast chillers, positive temperature cold storage and temperature-controlled processing and packing room.

  • For meat and fish we offer blast freezers and frozen storage machines.

  • For potatoes, onions and other crops suitable for long term storage, we offer long-term storage and controlled atmosphere solutions that includes ad hoc ventilation, gases and humidity control systems.


 InspiraFarms ensures the best and most efficient cooling treatment of fresh products and perishables in the following industries:




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Animal Protein

Temperature Controlled Warehouses

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