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Minimize downtime, reduce breakdowns and consequent damages to all your cooling machines and equipment with regular maintenance

Optimize the performance and reliability of all your refrigerated systems with our after-sales support packages, available to all our clients across Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa.

Maintenance Service for cold rooms in Kenya

Maintenance Service

Whether you have purchased a high-efficiency system from us or have cooling equipment supplied by other companies (applies to Kenya only), we can provide you with our recommended maintenance services. We can schedule the servicing activities around crop seasonality, to cover the best servicing practices before, during, and after your harvest season.

Our maintenance schedules provide a clear outline of the frequency of activities to be performed. Regular maintenance reduces the cost, frequency, and severity of breakdowns, by fixing potential issues before they become expensive.

Site assestments

Our experts can inspect your cooling equipment to assess any technical problems and build the most suitable intervention. Thanks to the integration of our machines with remote monitoring, you can purchase data packages based on our InspiraCoolCloud, a digital solution designed for users to understand the daily performance of their machines.

In case of need, our local technicians have the support of a remote engineering team to speed up the diagnostics process. Data integration options are also available as an add-on to non-InspiraFarms cooling equipment. 

Site assestments for cold rooms in Kenya
Repairs services for cold rooms in Kenya


While we supply quality and high longevity products, we are aware that breakdowns may occur due to many different reasons, including unstable grid and frequency, mishandling, inconsistent servicing, unintended damage, wear and tear, among others.

We assess the issue, prepare a report and a quotation on any components that may need replacement, and intervene to bring the system back to its proper working conditions.

Spare parts

Our cooling solutions offer the best user experience by including the replaceability of components required by clients as part of maintenance plans or repairs.

As a customer, you can add to the purchase of your cooling system a set of spare parts to be kept on-site. Alternatively, we will procure them for you and have them ready for maintenance or break-down interventions.

Spare Part Replacement by InspiraFarms Cooling

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