Animal protein

Meat & poultry are perishable products with a short shelf life. If cold chain is not properly maintained, it poses a high safety risk. The most important thing in meat & poultry cold chain management is to cool the product following the right protocols and store it in the right condition, based on the target market. A perfect cold chain is of utmost importance for the maintenance of quality and safety of meat & poultry and its derivate products.  Raw meat/poultry products are likely to support the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and/or spoilage bacteria and should be kept at temperatures that do not result in a risk to health. The cold chain should not be interrupted at any time along its distribution chain.


InspiraFarms Cooling serves the meat and poultry industries by offering modular and prefabricated slaughterhouses that can be installed anywhere and offer all the required temperature ranges and cooling features to cool down meats as fast as possible and store them in the right condition. Our modular slaughterhouses offer a complete solution for animal protein treatment, from simple to complex slaughterhouses:

    • Slaughtering spaces
    • Production areas air-conditioned systems
    • Cold room for deboning
    • Cold rooms for cutting-packing and dispatching halls
    • Chilling & holding rooms for carcasses of smaller meat cuts.
    • Blast freezing tunnels
    • Freezers for further processing
    • Freezing rooms for carcasses

InspiraFarms Cooling slaughterhouses are designed with the highest expertise and know-how on the provision of first-mile cooling solutions, assuring that meats not only preserve taste and quality but also ensure compliance with all hygienic standards and food safety regulations. As well InspiraFarms offers the best cooling performance through highly energy-efficient systems and real-time data remote monitoring.

Modular prefabricated beef slaughterhouse. Butchers cutting line in a slaughterhouse

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