Potato & Onions

Potato is a product that produces heat by respiration and is dehydrated by evaporation. As it is harvested, it begins aging. Storage losses are caused by respiration, sprouting, evaporation of water, the spread of diseases, and changes in chemical composition and physical properties. Storage is used to delay this process as much as possible and to keep potatoes in their most edible and marketable condition throughout the year.  Damage by extreme temperatures can be controlled by maintaining favorable conditions in the store, with proper ventilation and appropriate storage conditions. Good storage can significantly prevent losses over relatively long periods.

potato storage packhouse africa cooling facility
potato long term storage warehouse packhouse in Africa

InspiraFarms Cooling long-term storage solutions offer modular and prefabricated storage structures, with special insulation, ventilation, and cooling systems for ensuring optimum temperature level and appropriate storage conditions, which ensures minimized mass loss and the reduction in product quality. We offer a range of:

  • Ventilation systems according to the product storage type
  • Special ventilation systems, according to the product storage type
  • Air circulation with high-flow axial fans.
  • Automatic air refreshment systems for tropical environments, replacing the more traditional hatches.
  • Special humidification system for long-term storage.
  • CO2, ethylene, temperature, and humidity level control system.
  • Dedicated IoT-driven systems for modified atmosphere.

InspiraFarms Cooling long-term storage solutions are designed with the highest expertise and know-how on the provision of first-mile cooling solutions, assuring that potatoes and any other tuber not only preserve quality but also ensure the compliance of food safety regulations. As well InspiraFarms Cooling offers the best cooling performance through highly energy-efficient systems and real-time data remote monitoring.

Potato long-term refrigerated storage

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