Digitise your cold room, take control and make more money from your produce

Remotely access key information from your cold rooms, reduce energy, receive alarms via SMS or Email, digitise your records, and improve your operations and the consistency of your fresh produce.

All accessible from your phone or laptop.

Graphical represetation of data from weather station and cold room for efficient cooling

Use the power of data to improve the consistency of cooling, which is so strongly correlated to preserving the quality of produce, extending shelf life, and reducing rejections and energy bills.

Best-in-class sensors to ensure precise readings with small deviations from the actual values. This ensures you can trust the data you receive and make the right decision from it. For each use case, we will recommend the most suitable sensor to find the right compromise between quality and price.



In conjunction with InspiraOS, is the hardware that consists of IoT-enabled sensors, including intelligent sensors, loggers, and electronics that generates the key data you need to optimise post-harvest and track your energy consumption.

The systems measures on a minute basis – temperature, humidity, door opening, & and other sensors purchase energy readings, CO2 or Ethelene- to reduce shrinkage and rejections, which maximises shelf life, as well.

A man monitoring cold room data on a phone


  • The system is able to interact with the produce, the cold room environment, the external environment, the cooling machinery, and the grid.
  • It is an integrated solution to InspiraFarms’ cold rooms and is available as a standalone solution, perfect to retrofit any existing cold room.
  • The data logging capabilities are matched with data plans to allow the customer to measure and read remotely different features.
  • All hardware is designed and manufactured according to EU regulations and certifications.


InspiraCoolCloud is the portal that in combination with InspiraConnect visualises the data readings (temperature, relative humidity, door openings, energy, and more) and helps you manage your operation.

Accessible via computer or mobile phone, allowing you to set E-Mail/SMS alerts that help you take actions to optimise your performance.


  • Continuous tracking of diverse performance metrics and quality indicators (temp, humidity, door openings, energy etc).
  • Remote proactive check on data from an InspiraFarms engineer to check if any data/grid connection is missing.
  • Remote diagnostic/assistance from an InspiraFarms engineer to assist local teams during repairs.
  • The data is available as charts, time series, and downloads.
  • There are three cloud data plans (free, basic, and full ) with the possibility of activation on seasonal basis.

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