High-value vegetables

Successful postharvest handling of high-value vegetables requires a careful cooling treatment with the objective of retaining the quality and minimizing losses and defects, including the aesthetic one.

Within hours of harvest, vegetables held at ambient temperatures can suffer irreversible losses in quality while reducing postharvest life. Therefore, vegetables, especially those with higher respiration rates, must be rapidly cooled to the optimal storage temperature while keeping a high relative humidity to slow metabolism and extend shelf-life.

Export grade beans packhouse
Export grade beans packhouse modular onfarm

At InspiraFarms Cooling we evaluate the cooling rate of your vegetable crop and your operation conditions, so we can suggest the best cooling protocol, methods, and required solutions, to assure the most efficient and reliable cooling management. For vegetables, we offer a variety of cooling assets from individual precoolers to complex high-care turn-key packing and processing temperature-controlled packhouses.

All our refrigerated processing & packing areas can be matched with non-refrigerated spaces such as offices, Q&A, and more, all under one roof structure (packhouse). All our cooling solutions include real-time data monitoring to assuring efficiency and control along the cooling management and the highest efficiency for a lower OPEX.

export grade Peas & French beans packhouse in Kenya

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