Avocado cold room, precooler and packouse

Keep your cool and your cash flow

Purchasing your next cold room or packhouse can be affordable and easy with our financing service

InspiraFarms Cooling cover offers a flexible and convenient financial solution tailored to customers’ needs, based on due diligence.

finance benefits InspiraFarms Cooling
InspiraFarms Cooling Financing solution on cold rooms

Qualifying criteria

  • Operational track record: three years.
  • Profitability: at least two years.
  • Core business alignment: cold chain contributes to customer core business.
  • Qualifying country: the country can be financed against our financing partners’ risk map or overseas guarantees can be explored.
InspiraFarms tap into West Africa to curb Post Harvest Losses

What you need to get started

Company details: Company name, registration number, and legal address.

Financial statements: Three years of audited financial statements if available.

Statutory documents: Certificate of incorporation/registration.