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Export-grade fruits, especially those highly sensitive like blueberries, require properly designed and dimensioned post-harvest management solutions, especially in primary pre-cooling. To earn the deserved revenue out of export-grade quality, the fruit must be cooled as quickly as possible after the harvest, so that the quality can be retained. After pre-cooling the cold chain must be maintained to the final destination. Pre-cooling is an indispensable first step for exporting to markets that can have weeks of transit time and high requirements in shelf-life and quality. Well-designed pre-cooling allows the removal of field heat, speeding up the cooling to reduce the temperature from field to packing or storage temperatures in a few hours, or less for products like berries.

Export-grade-blueberries-packhouse in Zimbabwe
Export-grade blueberry packhouse in Zimbabwe

A few hours of delay in precooling might result in losing a double-digit of the harvested value. Ineffective cooling causes fast deterioration, dehydration, and mold, which are the main causes of spoilage and rejections. InspiraFarms Cooling blast chillers and forced air pre-coolers, speed up cooling and enables evenly and effectively reaching every package on a pallet. A lack of attention to pre-cooling might result in an undesired ripening of the fruits at the center of the pallet, generating ethylene and reducing the shelf-life of the whole consignment. When pre-cooling is done efficiently, the airflow is optimised and the period for the temperature drop of the produce is significantly shortened. With pressures of up to 300 Pa (Pascal), our pre-cooling systems and adjustable airflows allow it to match a broad range of cooling machines and cooling processes and needs.

For a complete and controlled cooling cycle of fruits, InspiraFarms Cooling offers a variety of cold chain solutions such as positive temperature cold rooms, refrigerated packing spaces, refrigerated distribution corridors, and much more. All fit under one roof, with modular structures and designs, with materials that comply with all quality and food safety certifications. It comes with an integrated real-time data monitoring system. InspiraFarms Cooling solutions allow our clients to set up world-class cooling infrastructure that pays by itself with the savings obtained in reducing losses, claims, rejections, and reducing operation costs, etc. In the case of blueberries, is an investment that can be recovered in less than 2 years.

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