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Get an all-in-one solution, the most efficient cooling and processing, and best-in-class workflows, with enhanced production capacity.

Our Packhouses range offers pre-fabricated and modular facilities, designed and, engineered tailored to the type of perishable product (fruits, vegetables, flowers) and their specific protocols on cold chain for the best quality possible.

It offers temperature-controlled spaces with ranges and different options of storage systems that depends, among other factors, on the kind of product to be stored, the required movement flows, and space limitations.


Blueberry packhouse and cold room in Zimbabwe

They are the ideal solution for clients who require space for reception, aggregation, processing and packing, with a custom-made distribution of workspaces, ensuring designs that follow best-in-class workflows and compliance with international food safety standards, whether for low, medium, or high-care areas.

 Our packhouses offer spaces dedicated to the reception, pre-cooling, grading and transforming, packing, palletizing, cool to final temperature, cold storage, and dispatch of perishable products. Our packhouse designs and configurations (layouts, flows, and each room’s temperature and cooling machines)  are crop and customer-specific.

As well, our packhouses can integrate cold rooms and freezer storage, with handling and processing spaces, as well as hygiene and administrative areas, all under one solution, in a modular design.

We can offer four different temperature ranges to be integrated into a packhouse:

  • Ambient: 15°C to 30°C
  • Cool: 10°C to 15°C
  • Refrigerated: 0°C to 10°C
  • Frozen: -30°C to 0°C

Structure & Cooling Equipment


  •  Lightweight, expandable, and shipped as turn-key solutions ready to be installed only requiring concrete flooring and, in most cases, a roof/shed.

  • Walls and ceilings are made of high-density closed cells PUR (Polyurethane) sandwich panels to ensure superior durability and maximize the thermal insulation for lower energy bills.

  • Equipped with corrugated steel roofs and gutters that allow ventilation and allow for the assembly of PV panels for solar hybrid cold rooms.

  • Option of having one or multiple internal cold rooms with cooling machinery designed with the most modern and low-emission refrigerant gases available.

  • Easy compliance with international food safety standards such as BRC, ISO22000, Global GAP, and others.

  • Variety of accessories such as sliding, roll-up, and hinged cold room doors, bollards, and railing. Wide range of cooling machines and sensors.

  • Easy integration with cold rooms and precoolers, and areas such as reception, holding, processing, hygiene room, packing material room, offices, Q&A, and more.

InspiraFarms modular packhouses structure
InspiraFarms packhouses - flexi range
Packhouse in Kenya for avocado storage

Cooling equipment

  • Available in either direct expansion or chiller-based cooling technology.

  • Ranges from 8 to 500+kW of thermal power, determined according to the type of product and volumes to be cooled.

  • Configured and set to maximize specific perishables quality and to minimize energy bills.

  • It can be powered by grid-connected and hybrid solar solutions, with additional solutions for unreliable and unstable power grids.

  • Simple installation, either outside or indoors (depending on system specifications).

  • Can be complemented with forced-air precooling machinery for increasing the rate of cooling and dropping-down pulp temperature as quickly as possible. Solutions from 1 to 20 pallets, multiple units can be placed in the same room. 

  • Local maintenance services packages are available for any cooling machine.

Benefits of our packhouses

  • Flexible design & structure

    Our packhouses can be outdoor or indoor to better fit our customers’ needs. They can integrate areas for reception, holding, processing, hygiene room, packing material room, offices, Q&A and more. Once installed, they are ready to be operational and be compliant with food safety certifications.

  • Easy compliance with export protocols and food safety certifications

    We offer custom cold chain management according to specific product type, and the distribution of working and processing spaces that ensure best-in-class workflows compliant with international food safety standards.

  • Reduced losses and value addition

    Our packhouses integrate cooling solutions designed under specific perishability protocols and working spaces for processing and adding value that follows international food safety standards. We assure our clients optimal results in reducing losses and rejections by getting the cold chain to start as soonest as possible. Adding value to the fresh produce at the farm or the point of production, (grading, cleaning, cutting and packing) also assures better results on reducing the risk of losses and rejections.

  • One stop solution

    Our clients can easily access and deploy fully integrated packhouses with seamlessly integrated areas with prefabricated and modular components. Before, clients used to deal with number of contractors and technicians, but we now offer a one-stop-shop for modular steel structures (cold rooms, packing floor, dry storage, dispatch areas, loading bays, hygiene and administrative areas and more), cooling machinery, blast chillers, remote monitoring, electric and lighting solutions, and energy control. As well, clients are provided with the service package including project designing, production, installation, servicing, warranty and follow-up from one centre dealing with only one company.

FAQs about packing houses

It is the building that allows to receive, grade, pack, precool fresh fruit and vegetables. It usually integrates reception areas, precooling rooms, packing floors, final product cold rooms, packing material storage, hygiene and handwashing areas, administrative areas, QA/QC and dispatch areas. Different areas and care levels are required for different crops and supply chains. Enquire from us for the solution to your needs.

The capacity for a packhouse ranges from 5 to 30+ tons of daily throughput.

Our packhouses can be powered by three-phase electric power. Single-phase is possible for small dimensions of up to 7 kW of cooling capacity. The power can be sourced through solar but as hybrid, having the grid or a generator as backup.

The price of a packhouse depends on its size, the range (in-door or out-door), and the cooling capabilities. For a price estimation please fill out this form.

It depends on the crop and the market but usually, reception, first grading, precooling, selection, grading, packing, palletizing, final cooling, dispatch and loading.

Anything from aggregation such as grading, cutting to processing. A design will be proposed according to the specific processing needs.

It is compliant with diverse food safety certifications such as HACCP, Global GAP, BRC, ISO22000.

To have installed an on-site InspiraFarm packhouse you will need the same requirements that to intall a cold room. See specifics detailed in the cold room FAQs.

It is possible. The units are not mobile but can be disassembled and reassembled having the civil works ready in the new site. However, make sure to get the experts to do it. Trying to move the unit yourself would usually invalidate any warranty.

InspiraFarms supports the project management for the construction of the packhouses with the support of a network of local specialized and trained construction partners.

15/20 years as a minimum if properly maintained and operated.

We are mostly focused on African markets. All our cold rooms and packhouses can be delivered to any country in the following regions: East Africa, West Africa & Southern Africa. We have packhouses and cold rooms delivered in Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Ghana, Benin, Morocco & South Africa. Also, we have delivered in Central & South America.


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