The cold chain for cut flowers must start on-farm, right after flowers are picked and cut. For most farms, flowers are shipped to the airport within 48 hours, after picking. During this time, the temperature and humidity conditions ought to be controlled, bringing down the temperature and keeping an ideal range of 1 to 3°C. A pre-cooling treatment before and after grading and after bundling packages for shipment in reefer trucks assures quality control, by slowing down decomposition, cutting down weight reduction and shrinkage.

Export grade flower packhouse in Africa
Kenyan women packing roses for export, Naivasha, Kenya,

InspiraFarms offers blast chillers and forced air pre–coolers. The technology speeds up the cooling to equally and effectively reach every package on a pallet, crate, box or bin. The fan, optimized by a tarp, pulls or forces the airflow through the boxes, removing the heat through convection. When done efficiently, the airflow is optimised and the period for the temperature drop of the produce is significantly shortened. With pressures of up to 300 Pa (Pascal), our pre-cooling systems and adjustable airflows allow it to match it with a range of cooling machines and your cooling processes and needs.

To offer a complete and controlled cooling cycle of flowers InspiraFarms Cooling offers a variety of cold chain assets such as positive temperature cold rooms, refrigerated packing spaces, refrigerated distribution corridors, and much more. All fitting under one roof, with modular structures and designs, and materials that comply with all quality and food safety certifications, and with an integrated real-time data monitoring system.

Cold room for avocados, blueberries and fresh vegetables in Kenya

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