Dr. Michele Bruni

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Bruni holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and an MSc in Agricultural Science and Technology. He has a strong drive to explore solutions that serve the public good and meet the challenges of food systems’ sustainability. Dr. Bruni’s passion for exploring global challenges has taken him from his home in Italy to live and work in over thirty countries over the past fifteen years. This has inspired him to work with business partners and networks to build an enterprise around developing innovative and efficient solutions to some of the most complex social and economic problems he encountered along the way. These solutions combine technological components with sound business acumen, political astuteness and an uncommon capacity to admit to occasional failure. A thought leader in the rural development sector, Dr. Bruni is a published writer with more than a dozen papers and book contributions on topics ranging from ecosystems and markets to climate change. He currently resides in Italy with his wife and two young children.