InspiraFarms at Naivasha HortiFair: Showcasing Innovative Cooling Solutions

At InspiraFarms, we recognise the value of attending exhibitions and events within the fresh produce sector. This not only helps us listen better to our client’s needs and wants but also allows us to design better solutions for them. For this reason, between the 22nd and the 23rd of September, InspiraFarms will be exhibiting at one of the largest horticultural fairs in Kenya– Naivasha HortiFair 2023. (ROAD B STAND 69) 

We will join hundreds of other industry stakeholders, exhibitors, and participants, from across Africa and Europe, for the 21st edition of the event, to showcase our cooling products and services from stakeholders in the horticultural industry, particularly in the flower industry. 

Beyond the farm, producing consistently high-quality produce does not guarantee success in a highly competitive export market for fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. Due to the industry’s required high standards of produce quality, growers and exporters need to control their cooling processes, to ensure longer shelf-life and lower shrinkage while reducing operational costs. This is a goal that can be achieved through reliable, efficient and precisely controlled on-farm and near-farm cooling.

Over the years, InspiraFarms Cooling has installed an array of products, such as on-farm and near-farm cold rooms, packhouses, precoolers, long-term storage solutions, and freezers. Furthermore, we have demonstrated the usability and benefits of our real-time data monitoring service to reduce food losses along the supply chains we operate within.   

If you are keen to invest in energy-efficient cooling solutions, our team of experts will guide you on the best solutions for your needs at the Naivasha HortiFair 2023, visit our stand, on ROAD B STAND 69 from the 22nd to 23rd of September. Alternatively, if you would like to book a dedicated time to speak with any of our cold chain experts, BOOK A MEETING HERE.