InspiraFarms Cooling expands solutions to freezers, long-term storage, and slaughterhouses.

Since 2012 InspiraFarms Cooling has been a leading provider of advanced and sustainable cold chain solutions, for both established and underserved agribusinesses and value chains in emerging economies. We have so far deployed hundreds of solutions to for fresh produce clients in over 12 countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Benin, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Guatemala, Mexico and more. For these past ten years, we specialised in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, and in 2022, we launched solutions to serve new industries, including flowers, animal protein, and long-term storage solutions. Here is an overview of the solutions you can now get from us: 

Cooling solutions for the animal protein industry.  

InspiraFarms Cooling serves the meat and poultry industries by offering modular and prefabricated slaughterhouses that can be installed anywhere, to offer all the required temperature ranges and features to cool down meat as fast and efficiently as possible. This is a complete solution for an animal protein treatment, that can range from simple to complex designs, and, depending on your cooling needs, the facility may include: 

  • Slaughtering spaces
  • Production areas air-conditioned systems 
  • Cold room for deboning 
  • Cold rooms for cutting-packing and dispatching halls 
  • Chilling & holding rooms for carcasses of smaller meat cuts. 
  • Blast freezing tunnels 
  • Freezers for further processing 
  • Freezing rooms for carcasses  

InspiraFarms Cooling slaughterhouses are designed with the highest expertise and know-how on the provision of first mile cooling solutions, assuring that meats not only preserve taste and quality but also ensure compliance with all hygienic standards and food safety regulations. Meat and poultry are highly perishable products with a short shelf life, and if an efficient cold chain is not properly maintained, it poses a high food safety and loss risk. Additionally, you can unlock the best cooling performance through highly energy-efficient systems and real-time data remote monitoring.  

Cooling solutions for flowers  

The cold chain for cut flowers must start on-farm, right after flowers are picked and cut. For most farms, flowers are shipped to the airport within 48 hours after picking. During this time, the temperature and humidity conditions ought to be optimally controlled and kept at an ideal range of 1 to 3°C. A pre-cooling treatment before and after grading and after bundling packages for shipment in reefer trucks assures quality control by slowing down decomposition, cutting down shrinkage and the resulting weight reduction.   

To cater to the flower industry, InspiraFarms Cooling offers blast chillers and forced air pre–coolers, solutions that speed up cooling to equally and effectively reach every package on a pallet, crate, box or bin. The fan, optimized by a tarp, pulls the airflow through the boxes, removing the heat through convection. When done efficiently, the airflow is optimised and the period for the temperature drop of the produce is significantly shortened.

Flower cooling packhouse

To offer a complete and controlled cooling cycle of flowers, InspiraFarms Cooling also now offers a variety of cold chain assets such as positive temperature cold rooms, refrigerated packing spaces, refrigerated distribution corridors, and much more. All of these solutions fit under one roof, with modular structures and designs, materials that comply with all quality and food safety certifications.  

Long-term storage for potatoes and onions  

The potato is a product that produces heat by respiration and is dehydrated by evaporation. Often, storage losses are caused by respiration, sprouting, evaporation of water, the spread of diseases, and changes in chemical composition and physical properties in the tubers. To delay this process as much as possible and to keep potatoes in their most edible and marketable condition throughout the year, you must adopt favourable conditions in the store, with proper ventilation and appropriate storage conditions.  

InspiraFarms Cooling long-term storage solutions offer modular and prefabricated storage structures, with special insulation, ventilation, and cooling systems to ensure optimum temperature levels and appropriate storage conditions. In turn, this ensures minimized mass loss and a reduction in product quality. We offer a range of:  

  • Ventilation systems according to the product storage type  
  • Special ventilation systems, according to the product storage type  
  • Air circulation with high-flow axial fans.  
  • Automatic air refreshment systems for tropical environments, replacing the more traditional hatches.  
  • Special humidification system for long-term storage
  • CO2, ethylene, temperature, and humidity level control system.
  • Dedicated IoT-driven systems for modified atmosphere.  

These solutions are designed with the highest expertise and know-how on the provision of first mile cooling solutions, assuring that potatoes and any other tuber not only preserve quality but also ensure compliance with food safety regulations. Furthermore, InspiraFarms Cooling offers the best cooling performance through highly energy-efficient systems and real-time data remote monitoring.  

Temperature controlled warehouses  

Whether you are a manufacturing company in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, a logistics provider (3PL) offering services such as packaging, storage, and inventory management, or a carrier providing services of transport and shipping, we offer highly efficient temperature-controlled warehouses, able to manage both chilled and frozen, with temperature ranges between -30°C to +15°C.  

We offer a range of solutions for the use of different pallet racking systems and integrate the most modern loading docks systems: dock levellers, dock seals and shelters, dock lifts, docking bays, and real-time data remote monitoring. The current range goes from refrigerated airport facilities to cross-docking, as well as mixed-temperature refrigerated warehouses from 4,000 to 7,000+ pallets. 

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