InspiraFarms Cooling to provide cold rooms for Danida-supported projects in Kenya.

InspiraFarms Cooling, a leading provider of cooling solutions for agribusinesses, exporters, 3PL and food distributors across Africa is thrilled to announce its contribution to the program: ‘‘From Loss to Value (L2V)’”. The project is funded by Danida Green Business Partnerships (DGBP) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark aims to build on existing work done to demonstrate the benefits of efficient post-harvest cooling solutions to farmer cooperatives. Additionally, the project seeks to develop a sustainable business model and financing solution for smallholder farmers to overcome the financial barrier, to accessing energy-efficient cold storage. By making these cold chain systems accessible to farmers through Cooling as a Service, this project would minimise post-harvest losses and increase market access for farmers and traders.  

The project, which aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 7, 8, 12 and 14, seeks to address the critical issue of food loss Kenya’s horticultural sector. In collaboration with other partners on this project, (DanChurchAid (DCA), Danfoss, and the Fresh Produce Exporter’s Association of Kenya,) InspiraFarms Cooling will provide energy-efficient cold rooms, combined with advanced remote monitoring capabilities for farmer cooperatives, governments and other traders in Nakuru and Nyandarua counties. This integrated solution will enable farmers and traders to maintain the quality and freshness of their produce, extending its shelf life and marketability, and reduce food loss and waste through green cold chain solutions for farmers and traders in Kenya. 

By minimising post-harvest losses and improving market access, the project aims to achieve the following goals:   

  1. Reduction in avoidable post-harvest losses through farmers’ and traders’ inclusion in green value chains.
  2. Increased investment in green and sustainable cold/cooling infrastructure and creation of decent jobs.
  3. Creation of an enabling environment for dialogue and awareness on green and sustainable cold chain systems that promote locally led climate actions.  

“We are honored to work in partnership with members of theFrom Loss to Value (L2V)’, to help bring cooling to growers who can benefit the most, from high quality cooling via a business model that works for them “said Julian Mitchell the CEO of InspiraFarms Cooling. “We are certain that our innovative cold chain solution is designed to address the specific challenges faced by farmers and traders in these regions.

As the technical partners for this project, we are confident in working with other exceptional partners to make cooling solutions more accessible, for farmers along the horticultural value chain. This way, we will enable them to optimise their productivity, reduce food loss, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to sustainable development and food security. By leveraging the expertise of each partner, this project will contribute significantly to reducing food loss and waste in Kenya, while simultaneously improving economic opportunities for smallholder farmers and traders.”  

About the DanChurchAid (DCA)  

DanChurchAid (DCA) is a Danish humanitarian, not for profit NGO based in Copenhagen. The organisation was established in 1922 and has its roots in the Danish Evangelical-Lutheran Church, which still today serves as a central pillar of DCA’s constituency, providing the organisation with the foundation and moral obligation to operate across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. The DanChurchAid is the administrative partner for the Value for Loss Program.

About the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK)  

The Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK) is a Kenyan trade Association representing growers, exporters and service providers in the horticulture industry. Formed in 1975, the Association has grown to become Kenya’s foremost sectoral trade association, with its members involved in growing and/or exporting fresh cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables. FPEAK is the local partner of the ‘Value for Loss Program’ providing a focal and coordination point for the region.  

About Danida Green Business Partnerships    

Danida Green Business Partnerships bring commercial- and non-commercial actors together in partnerships to promote sustainable climate and economic development, through projects that are able to promote both commercial and development objectives, contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 8, 13 and 17. The project is funded by Danida Green Business Partnerships (DGBP) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

About InspiraFarms Cooling.  

InspiraFarms Cooling is a leading provider of advanced and sustainable cooling solutions, for high-value fresh produce across Africa, serving exporters, agribusinesses, 3rd party logistics service providers and food supply chains in emerging markets. Founded in 2012, InspiraFarms Cooling has served the flower, fruit, vegetable and meat sectors, providing agribusiness in the developing world with tools, technology, data and expertise to significantly reduce food losses, energy costs, and access higher-value markets. The company has designed its cooling solutions (cold rooms, packhouses, freezers, slaughterhouses, and pre-coolers) to minimise food loss, maximise shelf life, reduce OPEX and give access to cooling data.  InspiraFarms Cooling is the technical partner for this programme. 

For any inquiries, please contact:  

Sharon J Cheboi  

Marketing and Communications Officer InspiraFarms Cooling