Project Description

Agroparque de Yecapixtla pioneers InspiraFarms’ pay-as-you-chill cold storage

The agroparque is a physical space that hosts different agricultural activities, from production, processing, agro logistics and other aspects that can support the region’s supply chains and their participation in local and international markets. Agroparque de Yecapixtla is jointly integrated by agribusinesses with a trajectory in production and export markets, and involves many small farmer suppliers that have access to a concentrated group of postharvest services, allowing them to improve their production, generate value and commercialize their products.

pay-as-you-chill cold storage

The client challenge

The main bottleneck was the lack of infrastructure, especially those assets required for consolidating a cold chain, such as refrigerated trucks, cold storage, and structures for managing and distributing produce efficiently along the supply chain – in a timely and cost-effective manner. Those assets needed to be present along the entire supply chain, especially at the beginning of the chain and close to production points.

pay-as-you-chill cold storage

The InspiraFarms solution

InspiraFarms aim was to bring commercial opportunities to the farmers, and thus facilitating solid cash returns that guarantee the service sustainability. We not only promised pay-as-you-chill cold room but combining it with an added value proposition, particularly with access to finance, in which InspiraFarms is integrating different financial mechanisms designed to serve the needs of agricultural producers.

The success story

So far, acquiring InspiraFarm’s technology created jobs due to the packing process. De Yecapixtla was able to accommodate about 2030 ton of tomatoes annually (considering two cycles per year). The units helped reduce food loss and food waste in the early post-production stage, creating additional value by letting produce be sold instead of loss. They also provided a longer shelf-life to each product, avoiding loss and waste at later stages on the value chain, while providing added value to the produce.

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