Project Description

Cooperative solutions for a greatly improved supply chain

Flamingo Holdings is a European wholesaler that grows, processes, packages, distributes and markets fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants originating from 2,500 smallholders around Africa and Latin America to major supermarkets, processors and markets around the UK.

The client challenge

Flamingo needed a cold chain solution to connect its Guatemalan export partner, SIESA to suppliers in the country’s El Quiché Region, and reduce post-harvest loss. SIESA decided to support ACODIPA, farmer cooperative that had an outstanding track record in production and quality in the last years, making them ready to make a step forward into value addition and processing activities.

The InspiraFarms solution

ACODIPA, with the support of SIESA, Flamingos and Agexport  invested in a complete InspiraFarms Food Processing Facility that now is allowing them to collect and store production in safe conditions. As well, they invested in a InspiraFarms GAP compliance module, which is a pre-fabricated structure of 30m2 with agrochemical segregation deposit, field equipment storage, workers area and toilets and fertilizers segregation area, that has allowed them to certify 15 hectares (out of 25) with Global GAP.

The success story

Operated by the ACODIPA farmers cooperative in Zacualpa, the facility has driven supply chain efficiencies, created jobs for the local community and improved access to valuable export markets.

The next step for ACODIPA is using the HACCP-ready processing facility for also delivering produce with some added value, such as cut, washed, packed and cooled french beans, using a safe food processing protocol.

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