Project Description

A cold storage solution that’s delivering hot returns

When you think of tech companies revolutionising distribution, you may think of Amazon or Alibaba. And just like those titans of tech, GET IT has grown from humble beginnings. What began as a simple operation out of a modified shipping container, has grown into a regional powerhouse employing 40 people delivering 10 tonnes of goods every week to a growing base of individual and business customers who’ve fallen in love with the simple efficiency of the GET IT text-to-order model for food-service distribution.

The client challenge

Food distribution is becoming a major business opportunity in East Africa. While most East Africans shop in traditional street markets today, this is set to change rapidly. Growing economies are witnessing changing consumer preferences. The arrival of international hotel and restaurant brands mean growing demand for higher quality and a more reliable supply of products. The Kigali food-service distributor needed to increase its cold storage capacity and space for food processing to accommodate increasing volumes and hotel and restaurant clients.

The InspiraFarms solution

The Company invested in an InspiraFarms facility that includes 60m2 of cold room and a 45m2 produce reception area with docks for direct loading from and onto trucks. The fresh food management operation incorporates pre-cooling, processing and final cooling areas. An innovative cooling system and soon to be installed photovoltaic energy supply will ensure the facility maintains constant temperatures and high relative humidity, even in the event of a prolonged absence of power from the grid, and with lower operational costs and environmental impact.

The success story

With the InpsiraFarms system ready in June 2017, GET IT became Rwanda’s first ISO 22000-certified supplier of fruits and vegetables in July. Meeting International Standards for food safety management means the company can take on scale clients and export throughout Africa and the Middle East.

GET IT has recently opened operations in Musanze, Rwanda’s second largest city, and is planning a second phase of infrastructure investment. The next phase of growth will see GET IT replicate their business model and expand throughout East Africa, where much opportunity exists for players with an appetite and a vision to reimagine distribution.

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