Solar hybrid cold rooms InspiraFarms

About our solar hybrid cold chain solutions

The InspiraFarms solar Kits are designed to support up to one-hour off-grid downtime and ensure continuous operations when coupled with a specific Genset.

The cooling equipment is connected to the “no break loads” below. One solar kit ensures up to 80 % energy cost savings as well as up to 80 % emissions reduction, depending on the grid mix.

The Photovoltaic solar panels and their fixings are all made in Europe.

Ensure non-stop and affordable cooling operations, even in remote and off-grid places

Solar PV kit inspirafarms


    The Kits are available for four cooling electric loads:

  • Up to 3 kW.
  • Up to 6 kW.
  • Up to 10 kW.
  • Up to 17 kW.
  • Larger kits are available upon request.