ERAISE technology facilitates remote sensing and data capture for InspiraFarms and promises greater operational efficiency

Access to quality information is a key requirement for managing risk, whether your business is finance, manufacturing, or agriculture. With clients seeking to grow their food production and processing businesses, we’ve learned that there’s nothing more important than being able to identify where small changes can make a big difference: Seemingly minor fluctuations in relative temperatures, humidity or atmospheric composition can have a major impact on produce quality, yield and profits.

That’s why InspiraFarms developed its own information system, giving clients the ability to monitor their facilities remotely and in real-time.

Using ERAISE technology, InspiraFarms has developed an integrated system of software, hardware and data management to remotely capture real-time agricultural and biological data, including climatic conditions, energy consumption, product quality and more.

The data collected and insights produced are of great importance to farmers and their ability to manage operations. And for those in the supply chain seeking to assess quality and volumes and make logistical decisions remotely.

With InspiraFarms’ Remote Sensing and Management system, clients can maintain climactic control of their cold storage, while monitoring power consumption and other factors impacting operational efficiency. Through logs of facility’s internal environmental conditions, data can be converted into insights relevant to the client’s throughput and quality management. These diagnostics can help improve facility management by identifying operational weaknesses, such as employees using the cold storage for personal refreshment, or lights being left on at night.

The system also allows clients to create different user profiles, tailoring access to data and analytics based on the needs of individual users.

In the near future, multiple data collection centers within the same geographical area or supply chain will enable the aggregation of relevant data—including market and industry level information. This will be particularly useful for insurance providers, financing companies and those seeking to reduce risk and provide smallholders with tailored solutions. Understanding the value of such regional insights, InspiraFarms is currently developing a global geographical dataset for the purpose of industrial and investment planning as well as research.

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