Tips for making the most of your participation in Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica offers opportunities for increasing brand awareness, networking with prospective clients and making sales, while discovering new products and technologies for your business. Here is some advice that will help you to make the most of your participation:

Planning your agenda

  • Set up your objectives. When you know your goal, it’s much easier to focus your attention in the right places. Make sure that you link your conference objectives to your overall company strategy.
  • Consult the online exhibitor directory and build your plan. Fruit Logistica’s virtual marketplace is a great tool to select and save your preferred exhibitors, by region, with the possibility to message and request appointments. Build a list of ‘must-see’ booths and ‘want to see’ booths. Plan your agenda to visit the ‘must-see’ booths first.
  • Fruit Logistica is about closing sales, and sales can happen in the booths. So don’t be put off if you don´t manage to get an advance appointment, be persistent and visit them directly as it is always worth it to try. Plan the questions in advance and be short and concise. If an extended conversion is not possible, ask for business cards, and follow up with the person in one or two weeks after the show.

Be social

  • Make sure to let people know you’ll be there. Email your contacts in advance announcing that you and your team will be there.
  • Posting on your social media channels is another easy way to share that you’ll be at Fruit Logistica. If you don´t have a booth number to share, you can gain engagement by asking people to let you know in the comments if they’re attending.
  • Networking opportunities such as launches, presentations, and conferences are good moments to meet industry leaders and make interesting connections. Fruit Logistica has a great agenda of presentations and events that are worth including in your schedule.

Connect with trade and sector agencies

  • Trade agencies from your home country or target markets are good channels to network with to connect you with interesting business development opportunities. Most exporting countries trade agencies will have booths, so it would be worth to connect with them in advance.
  • Agencies such the German Import Promotion Desk(IPD), the German Trade Agency, and the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) are always at Fruit Logistica and can help you to get in contact with European importers.

Connect with potential referrals

  • It is worth connecting with old clients or business partners. Even meeting for a coffee or a beer could be a great opportunity to get reacquainted and connected to potential new clients or partners. The best marketing and sales strategy is having a good introduction or reference coming from a previous client.
  • Don’t limit yourself to connecting with past clients. Check and connect with suppliers and technical partners that could be present at Fruit Logistica as they could be a source of good contacts to meet. 

Innovation insights

  • Even if your agenda is tight, don’t miss the opportunity to get info on the latest innovations in the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain, from production to the point of sale. Prioritize the main technical requirements of your business and select the most relevant companies that can show you new technologies. Fruit Logistica has an entire floor dedicated to technology and services.

If you are unable to attend Fruit Logistica it is highly advisable to follow what is presented during the fair. Check Fruit Logistica’s social networks and website. The virtual marketplace is open to anyone, so you can see who is exhibiting and access some contact details even if you are not a visitor.

Last, have fun during your visit to Berlin. Don’t forget that the success of your visit to Fruit Logistica is also highly determined by your availability to follow-up with your new contacts. Analyze leads, send follow-up solicitations, and make contact as appropriate. You should also evaluate the success of your trade show participation compared with your planned objectives.