Webinar “Cooling as a service in agricultural supply chains”

When: Thursday 25th of June, 5pm EAT/ 4pm CEST

Where: Zoom (click to register) 

In an efficient cold chain, the fresh produce needs to be pre-cooled immediately after harvest, in the first mile of distribution, before it can be placed in centralized cold storage or to be processed.

However, access to cooling, especially in agricultural supply chains in tropical countries, is often scarce due to limited CAPEX capacity of farmers. As well, most of the solutions locally available are limited to large centralized warehouse storage. Many farmers are sourcing reefers with high inefficiencies in pre-cooling and energy consumption.

Affordable field-base cold storage solutions for farmers, with smaller dimensions, pre-cooling and movable capabilities to respond on seasonality and out-growers schemes, are not yet commercially available.

This is preventing many farmers and agribusinesses to have prompt access to cold chain, facing high levels of postharvest losses and losing the advantages of high-value markets, such as export, that require consistent quality, volumes and food safety levels.

There is an urgent need to rethink technology and financial solutions to create the right environment to effectively reach and serve large numbers of farmers and agribusiness, especially in terms of physical access to cold storage and affordability.

Mobile pre-cooling technologies and cooling as a service, such as rental and pay-as-you-go schemes, are starting to become available for farmers and agribusinesses in tropical countries with important opportunities in export markets.

The webinar”Cooling as a service in agricultural supply chains”, will count with the participation of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA),  Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) and our team leading cooling as a service at InspiraFarms.

We will discuss:

📌 How can perishable supply chains become more efficient and how field cooling is key to maximise quality?

📌 What is preventing parties along the supply chain from investing in the right cooling solutions?

We have put together a panel of experts to share their ideas and success stories. We will hear from case studies where cooling as a service is transforming the affordability and accessibility of cold chain infrastructure in emerging markets.

Please join us on this great webinar to discover more about these innovations.

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