Introducing InspiraFarms’ Cloud Service: Remote Monitoring System available for all InspiraFarms users

Any food supplier who aims to reach profitable markets needs to implement hazard analysis and critical control point strategies to ensure that food temperatures don’t fall out of range at any step of the way. This includes farmers in emerging countries that are planning for export markets, for which temperature control immediately after harvest is necessary for maintaining quality standards.

For farmers in remote rural areas, with limited resources, control at that level can seem challenging. Farmers and agribusinesses usually control their operations through in-person supervision and manual record-keeping, which in some cases it is not reliable and can be risky. Additionally, having steady cooling temperatures and safe conditions requires the stable functioning of other systems such as power and equipment.

Why is it important to have remote monitoring system or cloud computing service?

The new InspiraFarms’ remote monitoring system was created to facilitate reliable and efficient controlled-temperature postharvest operations in any context. The system has two main components: the integration of sensors in key components and machinery of the InspiraFarms facility; and a data platform with a cloud data logger that facilitates real-time data collection, timely analysis, and reporting of information.

Having real-time data available allows for monitoring and preventing issues that could affect fresh food production.

Quality & efficiency

  • Sensors for continuous tracking of quality indicators such as a facility’s temperatures, relative humidity, ethylene levels, and produce temperature.
  • Tracking of energy consumption levels of critical machinery in the cold room and packhouse.
  • Creation of data-based insight reports with historical data regarding energy consumption, costs, and savings.
  • Options for automated reports, such as digital temperature logs.
  • Remote supervision of cold storage management with custom threshold alarms (SMS or email) to warn of cold chain violations, such as control of cold room door opening and cold room temperature, thus avoiding constant physical supervision.
  • Easy to create reports of cold chain compliance and produce quality to share with off-takers.

Technical data for preventive maintenance

  • The system collects performance information related to critical machinery, such as thermal storage, battery temperature and charge, solar PV systems, cooling machine components such as compressors, and grid connection stability, etc.
  • The cloud monitors machinery data over time and automatically informs technicians on when to do an on-site check-up, for cost-efficient maintenance and servicing, with customizable alarms (available on the web platform, via automatized emails or SMS).

Stock Management

  • Users can add produce batches into the platform’s application to trace their produce through critical steps after entering the packhouse or cold room.
  • Overview of what is currently in stock and what has been dispatched in the past.
  • Comparison of stock, with energy consumption and quality indicators, using visual graphs and with historical data available.

InspiraFarms remote monitoring cloud (“InspiraFarms Cloud”) is available for all InspiraFarms users who have acquired a cold room or a packhouse. InspiraFarms cloud is an easy-to-install-and-maintain system, and a cost-effective way to ensure postharvest management operations.

With monthly, affordable, and flexible subscription fees, InspiraFarms cloud allows inexpensive, accurate and timely supervision, which reduces travel time, and error-prone and time-consuming manual record keeping. The data platform does not require any installation, as it can be accessed as a regular website, but it is also designed as an app-like experience, accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

The security of having data storage in the cloud and not depending on your own servers

In addition, the system allows storage of historical data in a fast and secure data center, without needing to maintain the information systems’ own infrastructure, such as servers. The system is deeply integrated and developed along with hardware, therefore offering more features than other conventional remote monitoring systems. Furthermore, it allows the integration with Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP’s) or other Farm Management Systems to automate data import.

InspiraFarms cloud will be progressively integrating new tools for more detailed traceability and metrics, combined with practical advice to farmers and food producers about energy efficiency, cold storage operations, and post-harvest loss control.

Records and transparency of food production, especially at the growing site and in the first mile of distribution, is a competitive advantage that InspiraFarms users now have available, and that can increase the level of trust from their buyers or off-takers. InspiraFarms’ goal is to have all of its users digitally interconnected, and to allow the exchange of relevant information between them, such as good practices and market information.

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