InspiraFarms takes part in 3rd Manni Group Design Awards

It is estimated that over 33% of the food produced is wasted. This generates huge emissions, energy losses and missed opportunities. While in industrialized countries, over 90% of the harvest is properly processed and stored in the first mile through efficient cold chain technologies. In Africa, it is still below 3%. This not only brings losses in many cases above 40% but makes that African producer capture, on average, 50% of their peers in other regions, for the same crop.

There are no simple solutions to the gaps that have always plagued human society, but what is certain is that it is often not the lack of natural resources that generates poverty and vulnerability, but the complexity of infrastructural and economic dynamics. The cold chain is one of the key nodes in the challenge to the planet’s nutrition.

InspiraFarms is extremely proud to working with partners and sponsors to be part of the jury at the third edition of the Manni Group Design Awards to renew the collaboration with starchitects and designers worldwide to increase the awareness towards the development and efficient management of the agricultural industry in West Africa.

“It is fundamental to reduce losses and emissions, generate more revenues for AgriFood and contribute to shifting our societies towards more sustainable solutions. Our participation at the awards aims to bring together and support communities to do just that,” says participating jury and InspiraFarms’ Chief Commercial Officer, Michele Bruni.

High efficiency temperature-controlled buildings, energy efficient cooling systems, energy solutions and access to data can generate broad-based opportunities at scale for millions of producers, increasing their bottom line and generating thousands of high-quality jobs. This especially if compared to the precarious current working environment. All this in an industry that is generating over 3.5% of annual GHG emissions, but for which the mitigation interventions are still tremendously lagging.

Modern technologies, matched with the new vision and aesthetics architecture will unlock visibility for the whole sector and support the shift to a common space, that, through fresh food, connects different continents, bridges the growing divides and challenges we are facing.

The Manni Group Design Awards will challenge architects and engineers worldwide to create the best design for this cold hub and educational center. Their projects will be evaluated from top tier Architectural Studios such as Eduardo Souto de Moura, Giancarlo Mazzanti of El Equipo Mazzanti, Mariam Kamara of Atelier Masōmī and Andreas Fries from Herzog de Meuron.